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Bereg Camp - Restoration after the fire - updates

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Dedication September 15, 2018

The fall 2016 we couldn’t organise the dedication of the newly built house with the flat for the camp directors and the further guest-rooms because in the meantime the fire has destroyed the main building.

Now we plan the dedication of the mentioned house and the restored main building after the next summer season, the September 15, 2018.
Please pray that the planned rebuilding can be accomplished in the meantime. Pray for God’s provision for this work.
Make a note in your diary at plan to be with us on this precious day.

Here are some pictures of the beautifully restored and renewed main building

A new kitchen and a new semi-automatic dishwasher unit was also installed. Also, finally, prayers were heard for a well that contains more than enough water that can hopefully support the growing ministry in the future!  Thank you for your prayers and support!


15 February 2018 - Entrance hall

Glass windows and the entrance doors were installed.

13 December 2017 - Winter is coming

A dedicated team finished plastering the walls and installed the gutters just right in time before winter conditions get worse. Praise the Lord for this accomplishment!



13 October 2017 - Good progress

Praise the Lord for the good weather and the workers who are continuing the insulation of the outer shell.


5 October 2017 - Insulation of the building started

Summer ministries are over so it is time to get back to work! With the help of many brothers the insulation of the building just started.


30 June 2017 - New entrance covering finished

Praise the Lord for the good progress! The new entrance covering including a new roof is finished. There is great progress inside the building as well. Rooms are fitted and the floor is finished.


30 May 2017 - Roof tiling is still incomplete - rooms are fitted with the heating system

Pray to the Lord for His mercy! The roof could not be completed due to the fact that a smaller portion of the tiles were missing from the transport. In the meantime the fitting of the rooms and completing of all the works in the building could be continued.


18 May 2017 - Roof construction - covering is going on

The roof construction could be finished so the covering is going on. Meanwhile additional works are done in and around the building.


2 May 2017 - New windows installed and progress with the roof construction

Despite the challenges with the weather the new windows could be installed and there is good progress on the roof as well. Our hope and prayer is that the building will be finished to accomodate the children of the coming summer camps. Please pray for God's provision!


20 March 2017 - The remaining concrete panels arrived

After some difficulties in production and transportation all the remaining roof panels arrived and could be installed. This is very good news because now the roof construction can continue very quickly.


24 February 2017 - Roof construction and inner works continue

By God's grace the roof construction could continue despite difficulties with the material logistics. Also there is progress inside the building, bathrooms will be installed.


31 January 2017 - Working on the new ceiling

Despite winter conditions and very low temperatures at Bereg Camp and the whole region some good progress could be achieved. After a few days of waiting because of heavy snowfalls the ceiling elements arrived and could be installed.


17 January 2017 - Reconstruction of the upper floor: preparation is going on for the new roof

It is a great blessing that already half of the planned costs for the reconstruction, at least for the outer part of the building, were donated through faithful friends and prayer partners. Thank you for your engagement! Material for the roof could also be purchased and transported to the site. Please pray also for good weather and for safety of the workers!


23 November - Restoration started! Let us praise the Lord for He has done glorious things!

After some planning and researching a good company has been found for the restauration. Construction materials have been purchased and the work has been started with the removal of the remaining firewalls on both sides of the building. Let us also praise our Lord for all those helpers and supporters who followed the call! Around 40% of the estimated costs of the rebuilding have been donated already! Thank you!


10 November - Heating system is working again

Meanwhile the heating system could be installed and transferred to the other building, so heating is working now in both buildings thus providing enough heat for students of the ongoing CMLC and for the staff of the camp.


1 November - Praise the Lord for the help! - Restauration is possible!

Let us praise the Lord for so much help we receive, it is such a blessing! Thank you for your contributions! The provisoric roof is keeping out most of the bad weather now and plans for restauration are on the way.


27 October - Inspection of the bulding by a structural engineer

With the help of a structural engineer and a construction professional a first inspection of the walls and structures of the bulding could be done today. It is essential to see the damage and the reamining structure for the planning of the next steps.


6 October - Praise God for His provision!

God has provided so many helpers and friends that we can already start reconstruction at the site. Wood was purchased for a new roof construction and hopefully we can finish some of it before winter comes.

As a first attempt, a provisoric covering for the roof was constructed to avoid further damage through rainwater.

 It is a great blessing to know that our Lord has called so many hearts to help!

Thank You for your prayers and support!


4 October - Heavy rainfalls

Heavy rainfalls started so a huge amount of water accumulated on the top floor converting it to a "swimming pool". Holes were drilled to let out the excess water before it could do more damage to the building.  


3 October 2016

Update from Area Director Sebastian Edelmann:

Dear CEF Family and Friends
I want to send you an update on the situation in Bereg Camp after the fire yesterday.
With Georgina we have arrived at noon in Bereg Camp. The picture we have seen has not been pleasant, of course. However we have recognized how gracious our dear Heavenly Father has been in the midst of difficulties and losses.
As the fire was recognized around 5:30 yesterday by Igor and Victoria Dragunovi, leaders of CEF Ukraine (they where about to load their car to depart from the CMLC to Kiev and dropping off Gerd-Walter at the airport. Igor ran into the dorms to wake the people there and Victoria to call Klara and Sándor, the Camp Directors, who have moved into the new building two weeks earlier. The students have ran down some in pyjamas. All the students from abroad had their passport with them as Igor has told them. However not much more.
10 minutes later the whole roof did collapse and fall into the bedrooms in the upper floor. Everybody has gotten out from the building before it happened. Nobody was injured.
The upper floor did completely burn out. Almost. One fireman (dear Christian) has found a small peace of a page of a Bible. It was to read on it Psalm 23. The rest of the Bible was gone also.
The fire did not make any big harm on the first floor and the basement. Only one sofa has caught fire which could be carried out from the room. The kitchen (we never had enough money to build a proper kitchen but it has made it until know well) and the dining hall can be still used. 
It is hard to imagine what may have happened if the fire breaks out in the middle of the night or people are just a couple of minutes too late to recognize it.
During the day over 100 men and a good number of ladies have come to help. So before evening the house was cleaned from the rubble. Before the evening somebody has brought 30 blankets and pillows including bedsheets. Somebody else some shoes.
Today some of the students went to the market in the nearby town to purchase some pieces of cloths. However dear Christians from the surrounding villages collected cloths and brought it to the camp. So everybody has some dresses for now. They may need winter cloths later.
In the new building is the flat of the Camp Directors. In their diningroom just yesterday was finished the tiling of the floor. Since it is big enough, it was converted into a classroom.  All the students and families have gotten a bed or a mattress in one of the guest-rooms in the new guest-house and the teacher have moved to the nearby CEF office, which is located only some 10 miles away from the camp-site.
I was asked to preach the Word of God in the new classroom this afternoon. We had also the Lord’s Supper and could praise the Lord together.
Tomorrow we start to prepare plans for the restoration of the house. A good number of brothers have promised to come and help. The students will continue their studies.
I plan to keep you informed about the next steps. You will find reports and some pictures on our homepage.
Some gifts have been already collected in churches here in the Ukraine as well as in other countries. Our hearts are moved by these great news. We trust that we can replace the losses of the students first of all, (some laptops, tablets, cellphones, hair dryers, razors have been burned).
Here you can find further information about the ministry in Bereg Camp here: http://www.cef-central-europe.com/id-26-bereg_camp_second_step.html
May the Lord strengthen you as you serve Him!
For Christ,
Sebastian Edelmann

3 October - the day after

Some 100 men and women from neighbouring churches helped clean up the site after the fire.



The ongoing CMLC course is continued meanwhile in the "flat" of the Camp Directors in the new building.



2 October 2016 - First pictures of the fire:

 For more pictures about the rescue operation, please visit the site of the Dercen Church Volunteer Fire Brigade:



1 October 2016

A fire has broken out in Bereg Camp at around 5:30 am this morning .

As it was recognized, the roof was already burning. Praise be to the Lord, everybody could leave safely the building.
The fire has completely destroyed the roof and the upper floor with seven dorms where the students have stayed. They probably have lost their belongings.
The middle floor and the basement had only suffer from the water and can be used. Today some 100 brothers came from the surrounding towns to help and could clean the building from the rubble. It will be one of the next challenges to cover the building as soon as possible since the rainy weather is arriving there in 1-2 days.
The students of the ongoing CMLC have refused to move to the neighboring town into a boarding school. They wanted to stay together and have chosen to sleep on mattresses in the dorms of their classmates. Just in these days was tiled the diningroom of the camp directors and it will be converted into a classroom now.
Area Director Sebastian Edelmann has discontinued his visit to Poland and is on the way to  Bereg Camp.
We will place some news here on our homepage regularly just to give you and many dear friends updates on the situation:
We will put there also the CEF account numbers in different countries for the case if the Lord leads some friends to donate.
Thanks so much for your prayers!
May the Lord turn this loss into victory!


Here is the account number for donations in the U.S.A.:

E.g.: Child Evangelism Fellowship, Inc.

P.O. Box 348

Warrenton, MO 63383

Account and designation: E1UA 0072 275 Bereg Camp

Please mark clearly the designation for Bereg Camp!


In other countries, please donate through your national CEF office with the designation "Bereg Camp"

Thank you!



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