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Kids + Bricks + Bible = A Great Opportunity to share the Gospel

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February is usually the time for still ongoing winter camps, preparation for coming ministries and for a lot of administrative tasks - the time to do reports for the last year, etc.

But this year it seems to be also the time for a very special ministry: Reaching children and their families with the help of tiny plastic bricks - LEGO® bricks of course.

In many countries of Central Europe, special evangelizing events and LEGO® camps were held, focusing not just on the creativity but also bringing the Gospel message to children in a different way. Also, many parents joined in to build, to play, and thus to listen to God's Word.


Read the testimony of our romanian co-workers about the  LEGO Camp – CEF of Romania - 2019:


Calling all professional builders, with a speciality in using the lego brick, to the CEF training centre!

 "And before we knew it the camp scheduled from 4 – 9 February in Sibiu was full, with other children asking to please let them attend if someone dropped out.

 Until this camp, we had no idea that there were so many children passionate about lego in Romania. Thanks to the kind donations of brothers and sisters in Ireland, we had all the lego that we needed for 40 children to build for 4 hours a day. 

 We watched in amazement as the 4 teams learned to work together, help each other and show great determination in putting together “CEF City” – an Island city made up of lego. No further instructions were necessary, each child showed tremendous creativity in building a police station, airport, shopping mall, port, a lighthouse and much more - even McDonalds featured in the city! 

 Every day we learned from the life of Nehemiah and the quiz time in the evening showed just how much the children had understood. Children from all different backgrounds learnt together the importance of trusting in God.

 We are so thankful to God for the materials provided by Revival Moment Association for this camp and praise God that children learnt the importance of spending time with God every day."


Here are some impressions from Hungary and Romania:


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