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Some news about the ministry of CEF (VISZ) Hungary.

About our country:

Population:                           10 Million

Children under age 15:          1,5 Million


Hungary is a very religious country.

CEF Hungary

In 2001 nearly 75% of the population declared themselves to belong to some religion:  54,5% were belong to the Roman and Greek Catholic, and 19% of them were protestants.

Despite these numbers conversion and belief in Christ in the sense of what the Bible teaches is unknown even among the religious population.

CEF Hungary

Would you pray for Hungary…

  • that we would have a local worker in every  part of the country. Nearly half of the country is a ‘white area’ in terms of the CEF ministry.
  • because as our co-workers get closer to retirement age we need to find their followers.  May the Lord lead His people to this ministry for the children.
  • that Hungarian children „may hear, and that they may learn, and fear Jehovah your God” Deut. 31:12

National Leaders

Gábor and Virág Ferenci - Country Directors of CEF® Hungary.

God has blessed us with six children: Kata, Boróka, Márton, Botond, Fanni and Lotti


The Ferenci Family Prayer Letter


email:Ferenci Gábor


BÉT-PÉC-EL, Training centre and National office:

CEF (VISZ) Hungary

We kindly welcome you to visit us in our national centre any time in the year! 

We offer materials for teaching, give training for teachers, or you can just spend some time there.

You can check this and more on our official website!Click here!


Wondersuf - Csodaklikk 

We thank the Lord for the Csodaklikk (Wondersurf) ministry that was launched in December 2010 in Hungarian language.

This is really a WONDER how we can reach Hungarian boys and girls around the globe through the internet with the Gospel.

Would you pray with us for more children enrolled, and more volunteer counsellors who would serve to them.


Click here!



If you want to get more information please contact Virág and Gábor Ferenci, the CEF country leaders!
Address: BET-PÈC-EL   Address: Gábor Ferenci
  Pécel, Nyírfa utca 1.                   Göd, Vörösbegy u. 15.
  H-2119, Hungary     H-2132, Hungary
email: betpecel@visz.org
  email: ferencigabor@outlook.hu
Tel: +36 28 54 7960   Mobil: +36 20 212 4502

You can find the actual information on the ministry in Hungary on our website!

 CEF/VISZ Hungary
 Information about our co-workers in Hungary

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