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Some news about the ministry of CEF workers in Kosovo.


Nora and Metush Kaja are full-time workers based in Gjakovo. 

Their main responsibilities are:

  • building contacts with churches, mission organisations;
  • evangelizing children in the neighbourhood;
  • organizing teacher training programes;
  • literature distribution.

The Kaja Family Prayer Letters:

Summer 2018 Prayer Letter

Email:Metush and Nora Kaja




Local Office

The Office is located in Gjakovo. There are two floors which we use for GNCs, trainings. 

Teaching Children Effectively1 (TCE1) course

God is good and even though we had some opposition from the enemy we were able to start our TCE 1 training with 8 believers from 3 different churches. 

It is wonderful to see participants who have a desire to work and dedicate time for the children.


We are very glad for Naxhije (a widow & Ana’s mom), Ana and her brother used to come to our first GNC. She has gotten saved in one fo our GNCs.

She shared with her mom and then her mom was saved and started to come to church!

Now, Ana is together with her mom at our training willing to serve to boys and girls of Kosovo!

Pray for these participants that they really have passion to serve to the boys and girls in Kosovo. May the Lord allov them to start new GNCs!

Wonderserf - Zbulothesarin 

The Wondersurf / Zbulothesarin is available for boys and girls.

We need to do more advertisement that more children will follow the lessons.



If you want to get more information please contact Sebastian and Georgina Edelmann, the team leader!

Address: Sebastian Edelmann   Address: BUF-K, 
  Kölcsey Ferenc u. 1B                   U.C.K. nr. 5
  8636 Balatonszemes     50000 Gjakovo

(CEF Central European office)

nora_kaja@yahoo.com (BUFSh)
Tel: +36 84 361 367   Office: +38 139 032 2555
Mobil: +36 20 775 9310   Mobil: +38 145 612 398



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