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Some news about the ministry of CEF Moldova.

CEF Moldova

Ion & Natalia Ciorna are the CEF Country Leaders based in Chisinau. We are happy to serve the Lord, leading the gospel children every day and help others and teach others to do the same. " ... For the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as them." Matthew 19:14

Our main responsibilities:

  • Department of literature, organization of conferences
  • Management of the national office CEF Moldova
  • Bible Correspondece Course
  • Training courses

The Ciorna Family Prayer Letter

Email:Natalia Ciorna Ion Ciorna  


Vasili and Lubov Ivanchev are full-time workers based in Ceadir Lunga(southern Moldova). "We count it a privilege that God has called us to be part of such a ministry in our own country. We have been serving Him in this way since 1997. Our goal is to reach children in our area and to share the Gospel with them in."

Our ministry includes:                  

  • Good News Clubs®, 5-Day Clubs® and Camps
  • Public schools and kinder gardens
  • Distribution of Gospel literature for children
  • Teacher training
  • Organising teacher`s conference
  • Promotion


The Ivanchev Family - Prayer Letter

Email:Vasili&Lubov Ivanchev  


Nicolae and Ala Patranjel are full-time workers in Moldova. Nowadays we coordinate CEF ministry in the Rezina area (NE Moldova). "We are glad that God has called us into this ministry not only to reach precious children with the Gospel but also to train others to be child evangelists."

Our main responsibilities are organising and teaching:     

  • Good News Club®
  • 5-Day Clubs®
  • Bible Camps
  • Publich school ministry
  • Teacher Trainings courses
  • Conferences


The Patranjel Family - Prayer Letter

Email:Nicolae&Ala Patranjel



Pavel and Nelia Tapcov are full-time workers. We serve God as local CEF workers in Balti country (NW Moldova). "God has given us many open doors to evangelise the children in our area. We do not take this for granted. Pray that God will continue to give us these opportunities."

My ministry includes organising:                               

  • Good News Club®
  • 5-Day Clubs®
  • Bible Camps
  • Special seasonal rallies
  • Public school ministry
  • Teacher Training


The Tapcov Family - Prayer Letter

Email:Pavel&Nelia Tapcov  


Lilia Petrov is a full-time worker. She serves God as a child evangelist in the Singerei area (N Moldova). "There are many children who have never heard the Gospel in the villages of my area. My desire is that God will use me to tell them!"

Her ministry includes: 

  • Teaching Good News Clubs in homes and schools
  • Teaching at camps
  • Distributing evangelistic tracts for children
  • Organising special season rallies


Lilia Petrov - Prayer Letter

Email:Lilia Petrov  


Tanya Negrea is a full-time CEF worker based in Chisinau. Tanya: "It is a privelege for me to serve God as a designer in the National office. My goal is to help the missionaries to reach children of Moldova."

I love to do my everyday responsibilities:

  • design & illustration of printed materials,
  • preparing of prayer calendar and prayer letters,
  • Russian Bible course,
  • translation in Russian, editing of Russian texts.


Tanya Negrea - Prayer Letter


Please pray that God will be glorified through me!

Email:Tanya Negrea  


Eugen & Violeta Dolgier are pleased to say the Good News to the Children from Chisinau region. "We recognize that only God's grace help us in this ministry."


Their ministry includes:

  • Good News Clubs
  • 5- Days Clubs
  • Bible camps
  • Training courses.


The Dolgier Family - Prayer Letter

Email:Eugen Dolgier  


Serghei & Masa Zincenco are full-time workers in the area Transnistria (this area lies East of the Nistru river and borders with the Ukraine).

It is a great privilege and joy for us to share the Gospel with the children. 
We love to be involved in organizing and leading

  • Bible Camps,
  • 5-Day Clubs®
  • Good News Clubs®.

We help with training volunteers who desire to reach children with the Gospel and teach God’s Word to the younger generation.


The Zincenco Family - Prayer Letter 

Email:Seghei&Masa Zincenco  


Tavifa & Mihail Diaciuc are full-time workers in county Bălți and Floreşti.

As teens, both of us had a dream to be a missionary. Now, God made us a family and gave us the ministry of sharing the Gospel among children & teenagers at Good News Clubs®, 5-Day Clubs®, Summer Camps, in public schools and kinder gardens, where we also train them in God’s Word.


The Diaciuc Family - Prayer Letter


Meanwhile, we offer help to children’s leaders by different Training Courses.

Email:Tavifa&Mihail Diaciuc Pray for us to be clean instruments in God’s hands.

National Office

CEF National Office is located in the center of capital Moldova - Chisinau. It is a 3 room apartment on the first floor of a block building. It is situated just off the main boulevard in the city centre. Praise the Lord for His provision as this apartment has served CEF ministry in Moldova during this time as the work and team have expanded.

Pray with us for the opportunity to buy a new officiu CEF to be used for trainings, for workers meetings, for National Board the meetings etc.

More information about the Potential new National OfficeHERE



Good News across Moldova (GNM)

The Good News across Project is now an annual event in our summer calendar. This is the fourth year we are planning this special week of open air evangelism together with local churches in a designated area.

This year we will concentrate on the south of the country as shown - Transnistria (Russian) and Stefan Voda (Romanian).


More information about GNM:HERE


Prayer Requests

  • Pray for dedicated volunteers to attend the summer missionary training week 29 June - 3 July and that God will use them for His glory as they take the Gospel to boys and girls the following week, 6 - 10 July, 2015
  • Pray especially for our team who are directly involved in the promotion and preparation for GNM - Serghei and Masa, Eugene and Nelu
  • Pray also with us for God’s provision to meet every need for GNM 2015 (estimated budget £2000) 



If you want to get more information please contact Linda Corry, the CEF country leaders! 

Address: Linda Corry         Address: AMEC Moldova
  Str. Turnisorului Nr. 90     C.P. 64
  550 048 Sibiu    

O.P. 2012.

  Romania     or. Chisinau, Republic Moldova
Email: lindasibiu@gmail.com (Linda Corry)   Email: cefofficemoldova@yahoo.com
Tel: +40 26 923 1164   Tel: +373 222 272 03
Mobil: +40 74 551 2545      

Here you can find some actual information on the ministry in Moldova:


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