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Some news about the CEF Slovenia.

Zvonko and Dubravka Turinski

Zvonko and Dubravka Turinski are the country leaders of CEF Slovenia.

Zvonko and Dubravka have worked with CEF of Slovenia for the last 15 years. They have their local ministry in Ljubljana(Slovenia) area.


The Turinski Family Prayer Letter


Email:Zvonko Turinski



Alenka Camloh Mrđenović is a full-time worker of the CEF Slovenia. She is a translator.

"Choose this day whom you will serve... but as for me and my house, we will serve the LordJoshua 24:15-16

I, Alenka, have chosen to serve the Lord. Faithful as He is, He removed all the obstacles that stood in my way.

Alenka Mrdenovic - Prayer Card


Email:Alenka Camloh Mrđenović 

Please pray:

  • that many children would visit the Wonderzone site and get to know Jesus personally
  • for my study at the CMLC in Romania in summer 2015 

Goran and Metka Macura are full-time workers of the CEF Slovenia.

The greatest joy in our work is to see children hearing about the Lord Jesus Christ for the first time and see Jesus' Power in their lives.

We organize Good News Clubs5-Day Clubs and Bible camps. We help with training volunteers who desire to teach God’s Word to the younger generation.

Goran & Metka Macura - Prayer Card


Email:Goran & Metka Macura

We praise the Lord for the privilege to serve Him together among the children in Slovenia!

Toncka Seruga is a full-time worker based on Murska Sobota, CEF Slovenia.
Email:Toncka Seruga

Bible Camp - Open Air Ministry



If you want to get more information please contact Zvonko & Dubravka Turinski, the country leaders!
Address:    Zvonko Turinski Address:    Društvo Vesela novica
                Gasilska 27, Pijava gorica                  Rudnik II/15
                1291 Skofljica, Slovenia                  1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia 
Email:Zvonko Turinski Email:CEF Office
Tel:           00 38 61 366 2051 Office:        00 38 51 240 6681

Here you can find some actual information on the ministry in Slovenia!


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